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Technical Management

Marina Banuta

Head of Department - Mechanics, Electricity and MaterialsEngineer, Ph.D.

Marina Banuta has 25 years of experience in the field of materials engineering. She conducts technical and legal investigations in various fields such as industrial, hydro-power generation, manufacturing, chemical, petrochemical, food and beverage, oil and gas.

Her investigation team also performs forensic expert assessments in the mechanical field (industrial accidents, mechanical breakdowns) as well as in the electricity field (electrical equipment’s failure, electrocution, lightning).

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Marc-André Ducharme

Head of Department - Civil, Construction and StructureEngineer, M.Sc.A.

Along with his team, Marc-André Ducharme conducts forensic investigations on damaged buildings and structures. He also performs expert legal assessments regarding professional or civil liability.

Marc-André Ducharme has appeared in court on several occasions as an expert witness.

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André Gobeil

Head of Department - Codes, Standards and Technical Expertise, Québec OfficeArchitect

André Gobeil has almost 40 years of experience. He is recognized as an expert in the field of building regulations and compliance. He has appeared in court on several occasions as an expert witness.

André Gobeil and its team perform projects analysis regarding building regulations and compliance. They provide technical expertises in the field of architecture (building envelope, roofing, curtain wall, etc.).

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Hugo Messier

Head of Department - Fire Origin, Cause and PropagationEngineer, M.Eng.

Along with his team, Hugo Messier performs forensic expert assessments related to major fires and explosions in residential, commercial, industrial and institutional buildings.

The Fire Origin, Cause and Propagation team also analyzes compliance with regulatory requirements for fire safety and regulatory requirements for use in commercial and industrial projects.

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Nicole Olivier

Head of Department - Professional Training CoursesArchitect

Nicole Olivier has almost 25 years of expérience as an architect and is known as a reference regarding buildings codes and standards.

An experimented trainer, she manages the professional training courses services at Technorm, which are prepared and given by our professional in Montréal and Québec.

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Yves Paquet

Head of Department - Codes and Standards / Fire Safety

Along with his team, Yves Paquet participates in the development of regulatory compliance programs and in the analysis of plans and specifications.

His team provides technical support for the application of construction and fire safety regulatory requirements. This group is also responsible for the design and verification of automatic sprinkler systems for fire alarms and other fire protection systems.

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Julie Royer

Head of Department - Data and Methodology ManagementEngineer, M.S.I.

Julie Royer has participated in more than 300 expert assessments to identify the origin and cause of industrial accidents, mechanical breakdowns, fires and explosions and work accidents.

Julie Royer is in charge of the administrative, technical and documentary information management in our Montréal and Québec offices, in addition to her forensic work in the Mechanics team.

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