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Regulatory Context of Construction in Quebec

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Regulatory Context of Construction in Quebec

Online - 3,5 hours

For architects, engineers, technologists, owners, property/project managers, and students who wish to understand the regulatory context of construction in Quebec.

Instructor : Amal Tamim

Activity accounting for 3,5 hours of continuing education.


Construction regulations are crucial in project start-up. Each participants in the construction of building must be aware of and apply the applicable version of Codes and referenced Standards requirements.

The nightmare scenario on a construction site: the building is not in compliance and the site is shut-down by the authority having jurisdiction.

This training will provide you with an overall review of the regulatory context in Quebec and identify traps that may easily be avoided during a diligent verification performed at project start.

The lesson will be divided as follows :

  • Historical review of construction codes;
  • Regulations applicable in Quebec in 2018;
  • Philosophical orientation of the contemporary codes since 1980;
  • Structure of Chapter I of the Construction Code of Quebec (NBC 2010, amended)
  • Field of application of the various Parts of the Code;
  • Code compliance alternatives.

Additional information

For this training course, the participants must use the Quebec Construction Code, Chapter I ­ Building, and National Building Code of Canada 2010 (amended).

We will grant:

  • 15% discount for a group of at least three (3) participants;
  • 20% discount for a group of at least five (5) participants;
  • 25% discount for a group of at least ten (10) participants.

For more information on group registration terms, please contact us at or call 514 861-1940, ext. 70.