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Marc-André Langevin

PresidentEngineer, M. Eng., M.A.Sc.

Marc-André Langevin joined Technorm Inc. as an engineer in 2004. He became a partner in 2005 and is the president since 2011.

He performs regulatory compliance testing on high-rise, commercial and industrial buildings and designs fire protection systems (detection and suppression).

He provides expert assessments on damaged buildings and structures.

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Executive Management

Luc Germain

Managing DirectorEngineer

Luc Germain joined Technorm Inc. in 2006, when Technorm Inc. and ITE Group Inc., of which he as president and cofounder, merged. He became Managing Director of the new company formed through the merger.

He still performs forensic expert assessments on the origin and causes of fires and the failure of electrical equipment.

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Alain Tabet

Director of Finance

Alain Tabet joined Technorm inc. more than 15 years ago. He is now a partner in the company.

As Director of Finance, Alain Tabet keeps an eye on several key aspects of managing the business.

It includes amongst other things finance, accounting, payroll, and information systems.

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Kateri Lefebvre

Legal and Corporative AdvisorLawyer

Kateri Lefebvre is in charge of Technorm’s legal and corporate affairs.

Having extensive experience in civil and commercial litigation, she brings a legal dimension essential to the fulfillment of our mission.

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