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office space planning regulations

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Office Space Planning Regulations

Classroom - 7 hours

For construction professionals (architects, interior designers, property rental manager) who wish to broaden their knowledge of Part 3 on the NBC 2010 (amended) specifically for office space planning in the NBC 2010 (amended).

Instructor : Amal Tamim

Activity accounting for 7 hours of continuing education.


Are you an interior designer or part of a multidisciplinary team? Do you have good knowledge of which requirements of Part 3 of NBC 2010 (amended) shall be applied in an office space planning project?

Be prepared to respond to the regulatory criteria and insure that your plans and specifications meet the requirements of this part.

This course will help you master the requirements of Part 3 specifically for office space planning and to understand how they influence the design of this project.

The lessons will be divided in the following sections :
“applicable regulation” introduction

  • Code definitions
  • the choice of materials and interior finish
  • compartmentation
  • means of egress planning
  • sanitation
  • access to the buildings

Additional information

For this training course, the participants must use the Quebec Construction Code, Chapter I ­ Building, and National Building Code of Canada 2010 (amended).

We will grant:

  • 15% discount for a group of at least three (3) participants;
  • 20% discount for a group of at least five (5) participants;
  • 25% discount for a group of at least ten (10) participants.

For more information on group registration terms, please contact us at or call 514 861-1940, ext. 70.