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National building code 2015

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National Building Code 2015

Online training - 35 hours

For interns in architecture or interior design, and construction professionals (architects, interior designers, engineers, design-build contractors).

Instructor : Patrick LeBlanc

Activity accounting for 35 hours of continuing education.


How to approach the NBC 2015 Parts and Divisions?
Which Parts of Division B are applicable to a specific project?
Do our plans and specifications comply with the applicable requirements?

This training will provide you with an overall review of the NBC 2015 requirements.

The lessons will be divided in 10 sections :

  • NBC 2015 structure and building characteristics
  • Fire compartments
  • Construction materials and construction systems
  • Fire resistance and Fire separations
  • Construction of exterior walls and roofs
  • Means of egress and exit facilities
  • Fire and life safety equipment
  • Health requirements and barrier-free access
  • Housing and Small buildings – Occupancies, means of egress and fire safety
  • Construction of small buildings – Structure, exterior envelope and systems

In each first nine sections of the course, the participants will have access to exercises that will allow them to test their understanding. The answers of the exercises will be available for consultation.

Additional information

For this training course, the participants must have or obtain a copy of the National Building Code of Canada 2015.

The 10 first participants can get 10% if they enrol at least 30 days before the beginning of the training.