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Mechanical and Materials group

The Mechanical and Materials group performs forensic expert assessments regarding industrial accidents, mechanical breakdowns, personal injury and work-place accidents.

This group also conducts expert legal assessments to determin the origins and causes of fires and explosions.

Éric Lortie, P.Eng.
Director - Mechanical and Materials group
<strong>Marina Banuta</strong>, P.Eng., Ph.D.
Marina Banuta, P.Eng., Ph.D.Engineer
<strong>Whitney Genoway</strong>, P.Eng.
Whitney Genoway, P.Eng.Engineer
<strong>Julie Royer</strong>, P.Eng., M.S.I.
Julie Royer, P.Eng., M.S.I.Director of Information
<strong>Hélène Simard</strong>, P.Eng.
Hélène Simard, P.Eng.Engineer
<strong>Guy Voisine</strong>, P.Eng.
Guy Voisine, P.Eng.Engineer