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Mechanical and Materials group

The Mechanical and Materials group performs forensic expert assessments regarding industrial accidents, mechanical breakdowns, personal injury and work-place accidents.

This group also conducts expert legal assessments to determin the origins and causes of fires and explosions.

Éric Lortie, P.Eng.
Éric Lortie, P.Eng.Director - Mechanical and Materials group
Marina Banuta, P.Eng., Ph.D.
Marina Banuta, P.Eng., Ph.D.Engineer
Whitney Genoway, P.Eng.
Whitney Genoway, P.Eng.Engineer
Marine Herbrecht
Marine HerbrechtTechnician
Audrey Mergl, Jr. Eng.
Audrey Mergl, Jr. Eng.Junior Engineer
Julie Royer, P.Eng., M.S.I.
Julie Royer, P.Eng., M.S.I.Director of Information
Hélène Simard, P.Eng.
Hélène Simard, P.Eng.Engineer
Guy Voisine, P.Eng.
Guy Voisine, P.Eng.Engineer