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Expertise group – Québec office

Québec’s office Expertise group performs expert technical assessments in several areas: research into the origin and causes of fires or explosions in buildings and vehicles, mechanical breakdowns, electrical equipment’s failure, accidents involving a vehicle, incidents involving bodily injury and work accidents.

This group also provide technical expertises in the field of architecture (building envelope, roofing, curtain wall, etc.).

<strong>André Gobeil</strong>, Architect
André Gobeil, ArchitectGeneral manager - Québec office
<strong>Guillaume Bossé</strong>, P.Eng.
Guillaume Bossé, P.Eng.Engineer
<strong>Arthur De Coux</strong>, P.Eng.
Arthur De Coux, P.Eng.Engineer
<strong>Daryl Montminy</strong>, Jr Eng.
Daryl Montminy, Jr Eng.Junior Engineer
<strong>Gilbert Montminy</strong>, P.Eng.
Gilbert Montminy, P.Eng.Director, Electricity group