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Expertise group – Québec office

Québec’s office Expertise group performs expert technical assessments in several areas: research into the origin and causes of fires or explosions in buildings and vehicles, mechanical breakdowns, electrical equipment’s failure, accidents involving a vehicle, incidents involving bodily injury and work accidents.

This group also provide technical expertises in the field of architecture (building envelope, roofing, curtain wall, etc.).

André Gobeil, Architect
André Gobeil, ArchitectGeneral manager - Québec office
Gilbert Montminy, P.Eng.
Gilbert Montminy, P.Eng.Director, Electricity group
Daryl Montminy, Jr Eng.
Daryl Montminy, Jr Eng.Junior Engineer
Guillaume Bossé, P.Eng.Engineer
Arthur De Coux, P.Eng.Engineer