Are you ready to apply the new 2018 Quebec Electrical Code?

Whether you call it simply the Quebec Electrical Code or its official name, Chapter 5 (Electricity) of the Quebec Construction Code, it’s time to get to grips with the content of the new electrical Code which came into effect on October 1, 2018!

A range of changes are presented in the 2018 edition and a six-month transition period has been provided in order to allow professionals in the field to assimilate the new content. The Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ) recently made an information leaflet available, with a view to demystifying the main changes to the Code. For example, the leaflet touches on a new requirement for basic wiring required in the majority of single-family dwellings to meet future needs when it comes to installing recharging stations for electric vehicles. Technorm, in collaboration with the RBQ, offers information sessions that will allow you to better understand the major changes discussed in this document.

Did you know that the RBQ information leaflet only broaches some of the changes that impact works involving electrical installations? It does not touch on several important changes: section 12, the removal of article 18-010, and the expansion of article 24-106 and table 65, for example.
In addition to offering information sessions on the “Main changes in the 2018 electrical Code”, Technorm will also offer an advanced training program this fall entitled “Mastering the 2018 electrical Code.”
This program is aimed at anyone who has already reviewed the RBQ’s information leaflet. The training session will cover all the changes made to the electrical code that will affect the planning and execution of electrical installation works, changes that will have far-reaching impact, but are not covered in documentation provided by the RBQ. The aim of the training session is to provide clear answers to your most specific questions and to grasp the spirit and intention behind the changes made to the code. Participants will be able to put their questions to the trainer, Gilbert Montminy, so that they can fully grasp the scope of the new Code.

Gilbert Montminy, Engineer, is THE expert in the field of electrical Codes. He led the creation of the new 2018 code while working as RBQ’s Quebec Electrical Branch Manager and he knows the nuances of the Code better than anyone else. Gilbert is now Technorm’s Electricity Group Director and he develops tailor-made training sessions aimed at quickly making all stakeholders in the field of electrical installations in Quebec operational.

From November onwards, Gilbert Montminy will present the information session entitled “Main changes in the 2018 electrical code” and the “Mastering the 2018 electrical code” training program in several towns across Quebec as well as in-house (on request).

If you’d like to find out more and register, please visit our training portal

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