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Codes and Standards Consulting group

The Codes and Standards Consulting group participates in the development of regulatory compliance programs and in the analysis of plans and specifications.

This group also provides technical support for the application of construction and fire safety regulatory requirements.

Yves Paquet
Director - Codes and Standards Consulting group
<strong>Aziza Amhani</strong> Jr. Eng.
Aziza Amhani Jr. Eng. Technical consultant
<strong>Marylène Cantatore</strong>, Architect
Marylène Cantatore, ArchitectTechnical consultant
<strong>Gabrielle Desjardins</strong>
Gabrielle DesjardinsTechnical consultant
<strong>Émilie Hébert</strong>, P.Eng.
Émilie Hébert, P.Eng.Technical consultant
<strong>Ginette Lafontaine</strong>, Architect
Ginette Lafontaine, ArchitectTechnical consultant
<strong>Claude H. Laurin</strong>, Architect
Claude H. Laurin, ArchitectTechnical consultant
<strong>Valérie Lorrain</strong>, Architect
Valérie Lorrain, ArchitectTechnical consultant
<strong>Marc-André Massé</strong>, Architect
Marc-André Massé, ArchitectTechnical consultant
<strong>Nicole Olivier</strong>, Architect
Nicole Olivier, ArchitectTechnical consultant
<strong>Jean-Philippe Parenteau</strong>, Architect
Jean-Philippe Parenteau, ArchitectTechnical consultant
Amal Tamim, M.Sc.FPE
Amal Tamim, M.Sc.FPESpecialist - Codes and standards / Fire protection and safety
<strong>Kevin To</strong>, P.Eng., M.Eng.
Kevin To, P.Eng., M.Eng.Technical consultant