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Civil & Structure group

The Civil & Structure group conducts forensic investigations on damaged buildings and structures.

This group also performs expert legal assessments regarding professional or civil liability.

Marc-André Ducharme, P.Eng., M.A.Sc.
Director - Civil & Structure group
<strong>Arthur De Coux</strong>, P.Eng.
Arthur De Coux, P.Eng.Engineer
<strong>Gaétan Dupuis</strong>, P.Eng.
Gaétan Dupuis, P.Eng.Engineer
<strong>Richard Landriault</strong>, P.Eng.
Richard Landriault, P.Eng.Director - Civil & Environment group
<strong>Marilyn Lanni</strong>, P.T.
Marilyn Lanni, P.T.Technical consultant
<strong>Claude H. Laurin</strong>
Claude H. LaurinArchitect
<strong>Jean-Philippe Parenteau</strong>
Jean-Philippe ParenteauArchitect
<strong>Nicolas Villemure</strong>, P.Eng.
Nicolas Villemure, P.Eng.Engineer