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Civil & Structure group

The Civil & Structure group conducts forensic investigations on damaged buildings and structures, as well as expert legal assessments in the field of the environment.

This group also performs expert legal assessments regarding professional or civil liability.

Marc-André Ducharme, P.Eng., M.A.Sc.
Marc-André Ducharme, P.Eng., M.A.Sc.Director - Civil & Structure group
Remy Boyer, Jr. Eng.
Remy Boyer, Jr. Eng.Junior Engineer
Gaétan Dupuis, P.Eng.
Gaétan Dupuis, P.Eng.Engineer
Richard Landriault, P.Eng.
Richard Landriault, P.Eng.Engineer
Marilyn Lanni, P.T.
Marilyn Lanni, P.T.Technical consultant
Claude H. Laurin, Architect
Claude H. Laurin, ArchitectTechnical consultant
Jean-Philippe Parenteau, Architect
Jean-Philippe Parenteau, ArchitectTechnical consultant
Nicolas Villemure, P.Eng.
Nicolas Villemure, P.Eng.Engineer
Arthur De Coux, P.Eng.Engineer