Floor Area’s Densification; Impact and Consequences on the Means of Egress

A new trend Floor area densification is an increasingly common practice, especially in the context of reorganization projects for existing office space. The labour market has adapted to several realities, therefore, it is not uncommon to find that employers now seek to densify their workspaces so to leverage such spaces and improve the flexibility of office spaces. Computer technology progress and the increase of employers’ openness to teleworking have also [...]

By |June 19th, 2019|

Snow Load in Quebec: Recordings for Winter 2018-2019

Winter 2018–2019 was particularly difficult in Quebec. Several damages have been observed by building owners due to the snow load on the roofs. Damages extended from simple cracks in the gypsum finishing of the ceilings to the partial collapse of the roof’s structures all the way to the complete collapse of the building. This winter was characterized by numerous rainfalls followed by sudden freezing temperatures within only a few hours. [...]

By |June 13th, 2019|

Thermal Flux Required for Piloted Ignition Wooden Products

Context The assignment of establishing the region of origin and the cause of a fire requires methodology application. At Technorm, we apply scientific method and basic methodology as proposed in NFPA 921, ‟Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations”. With some exceptions, the appropriate method for a fire investigation is to first determine its origin and then to establish its cause. The cause of a fire is defined by the circumstances [...]

By |May 21st, 2019|

Guards compliancy

Guards are common architectural structures we see every day but pay little or no attention to. However, particularly for external stairs, their presence becomes more important in case of ice rain or when the surfaces become slippery (due to snow, wet surfaces, and humid leaves). Either the guards are architectural or esthetical or very simple, the guards are safety structures necessary to avoid falls and whose existence and compliance are [...]

By |May 13th, 2019|

Means of Egress: Common Myths and Mistaken Beliefs to Avoid

This article and three appendices are available for download in pdf format. Please go at the end of the article to download the files.  Writing date : April 9, 2019. Regulation might have changed since. Contact us for any questions.   The Solution Is NOT A Blue Manual Station! While you analyze a project, as a designer you raise different requests with your client concerning the layout on a floor [...]

By |April 11th, 2019|

Stainless Steel and Corrosion – The Speedway Cases

Speedway : what are they? About half of the insurance claims are related to water damages[1]. Most of these damages are due to household plumbing system failures. The cracking of flexible supply tubes, frequently called speedway, are one of the most common causes of loss. These tubes supply cold and hot water to kitchen and washroom faucets. They are also used for toilet water supply. Sometimes they supply water to [...]

By |April 5th, 2019|

Role of the fire protection professionals

A few words by the author "The practice of fire protection and safety engineering and/or consulting services are getting recognition in Canada and around the world. As the role of the consultants and requirements for engineering practice vary in provinces and territories, our practice, much like the rest of the world, is still a young profession in comparison to the rest of the design professions, be it architects, civil, electrical, [...]

By |March 13th, 2019|

Fire modelling – what is its purpose?

Numerical Calculation (fire modelling) has become increasingly popular since the beginning of the 1990s. These numerical tools are particularly useful for the following cases: Simulate the effects of a fire (and its behaviour) while designing a building; Reproduce a fire as part of an investigation after a loss to validate, for example, the scene of a fire or the damages; and Reproduce the results of a fire or fire tests [...]

By |March 13th, 2019|

Snow Loads in Quebec: Heavy Consequences!

An important factor in the building’s structural design is snow, specifically its weight. According to the building’s location, dimensions, occupancy, roof’s shape, etc., the snow load to consider varies considerably. A good knowledge of the Construction Code and climatic conditions prevailing at the construction site is required to calculate this snow load. Snow Load Calculation For important buildings, the snow load calculation on the roof is shown in Part 4 [...]

By |February 6th, 2019|
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