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Amal Tamim, M.Sc.FPE


514.861.1940 #80

Amal Tamim has 25 years experience in the field of fire engineering and fire and life safety. She works with the Codes and Standards – Fire Safety team.

As a fire protection specialist, she conducts building code and fire code compliance reviews, building inspections and audits, and development of fire testing standards and construction product approvals.

She is familiar with Canadian national and provincial building and fire codes, fire and nuclear safety regulations and standards, USA Codes and fire safety regulations and standards including, CAN-CSA, ICC, NFPA, ASTM, FM, UL / ULC. , CEN and ISO.


  • Master of Science in Fire Protection Engineering (Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA, December 1992)
  • Bachelor of Science in Fire Protection and Safety Engineering Technology (Oklahoma State University, USA, June 1987)

Areas of expertise

  • Passive fire protection products
  • Development of fire protection strategies for building in all sectors (residential, health, commercial, industrial, governmental, entertainment)
  • Building codes and fire standards development
  • Development of alternate solutions and performance based design
  • Construction product evaluation and approvals
  • Vice-President – Montreal of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers International (SFPE)